Business Solutions:


Promote your company or business on the web with a personalized video of your products and services by Capture This Video Productions.  Post to your webpage or social networking sites.

Promotional Videos

If your company or business has an area where customers/clients spend some time, such as a front desk or waiting room, consider custom-designed informational videos which can be played in high-traffic areas simply with a dedicated TV and DVD player.  Show or demonstrate your products and services, explain the value of what your business has to offer, and offer them a look at your business in a way that makes them feel a greater connection to the people, location, products, and services. 


Does your company or business frequently train new employees?  Save time and money through a professional training video to empower your employees to function more effectively and efficiently from the start. 


Do your employees encounter hazards on the job?  Help them identify and be aware of hazards to health and property before it becomes a problem with safety videos customized to your site and needs.

Asset Video for Insurance

Are all of your company or business’s physical assets carefully documented in case disaster strikes?  Capture This Video Productions works with commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients to take preventative measures at documenting assets on video in case the worst should transpire. 

The Advantages:

Save Time - Avoid having to tediously write down each individual asset before a disaster or trying to remember individual assets, tools, and equipment after a disaster.  Capture it all on video and have it secured to be reviewed in time-intensive detail later, only if necessary.

High Definition Video - With high definition (HD) video services from Capture This Video Productions, photos can be extracted from the video frames at over six times the pixel quality of standard definition video cameras.  HD video can also be played back on HD monitors and paused each time a shot with numerous assests needs to be viewed for superb efficiency of time and resources.

Proof of Assets - Be able to easily show all of the property and assets prior to fire, tornado, and the like.

Contact us to discuss your company/business needs and situation to create a plan to protect your assets.